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Overviews of key investable solutions with information on market size, maturity, and how they contribute to GhG reduction, biodiversity, resilience, and a just transition.

Nature based solutions run the gamut from data-heavy advanced AI and drone-enabled applications to simpler, labor-intensive methods. Both have baked into their designs ways to achieve greater resilience, just transition, and the enhancement of biodiversity.

We have divided the solutions into two categories: "Food and Agricultural Solutions" and "Forestry, Land Use and Other NbS".

While they both offer investment opportunities, their maturity and financing structures are generally distinct.

Food and Agricultural Solutions



Food & AgricultureLand Sinks

76.91 - 125.74 Gt CO2e

Reduction Potential

Private Equity, Private Credit/Debt, Green Bonds, Commodities, Blended Finance, Real Assets, Non Profit

Asset Class

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